The security of a large company with the flexibility of an SME.

Major group companies

Inelsa is the main company of Grupo Hedomin.

Its main activities are focused on the electricity sector, very especially in the installation of renewable energy, whereby is recognized as one of the leading companies at National and International levels.

Inelsa has ISO certifications on Quality, Environmental and Carbon Footprint, and it is committed to the European regulation EMAS environmental specifications.

It is present in different countries through subsidiary companies where it develops its industrial and economic activity.

Inelsa Solar is the company dedicated to the maintenance of Renewable Energy plants as well as the exploitation of photovoltaic plants owned by the Group.

Established in 1988.

It is the engineering company responsible for the development of projects and the technical documentation necessary for the development of the activities of the other companies of the Group and third parties.

In addition, it is responsible for preparing economic studies and energy audits.

Company dedicated to the promotion and exploitation of renewable energy plants both in Spain and in the rest of Europe. 

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