Business group backed with over 30 years of experience

History of the Group

The history of Grupo Hedomin is a process of professional maturity of a family business managed by independent professionals, dedicated originally to electrical installations. It was founded in Aios, Galicia, in 1966 by D. José Domínguez Pombo. They were old times but full of wit and good work ethic that, little by little, cemented the structure of the company. From 1986, with the second generation in the Board, the Company changed its name to Inelsa, S.L. They began to diversify their activities, to give importance to new concepts and innovations such as social responsibility, continuous improvement and self-criticism. Thus, converted Inelsa into an organization in the process of continuous improvement that has the competitive ability to evolve, improve its performance, secure and create new jobs and comply with the duties towards society.

In 2006, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Inelsa, the decision of creating the Grupo Hedomin is taken, in order to organize and channel, through different companies, the various business lines which were assumed  over the years by the parent company.

In that same year, Grupo Hedomin began an internationalization plan which has led them to develop commercial relationships in more than 35 countries. Fruit of this international activity is the creation of Aios Group Ltd., based in London, to facilitate even more, the creation of enterprises and the opening of branches in different countries.

Today, Grupo Hedomin, is an organization formed by people with a high spirit of service in order to meet the objectives that the clients set.

We are proud of maintaining our clients satisfaction at the highest level, all with the professionalism and exigency, that forces us to improve our service every day.