Developed projects

Logistic Channel of Distribution to Site.

Design of a new channel of distribution to Site to reduce response times and lower costs.

High Efficiency Solar Panel

Design of an innovative thermic solar collector panel of high energy efficiency (Reisol project)

Inneo System

System of anisotropic anchorage for public lighting lamposts that reduces the severity of accidents and save lives.

Welding Robot

Welding line for the manufacturing of thermal solar collectors. The welding line consists of the integration of the following machinery: punching of tubes of copper, braze welding, test pressure, brushing on Grill grates, shear manual and ultrasonic welding machine.

Grazing Robot

Desing of a rotary  robot for heavy duty clearings in walls in order to avoid continued exposure of workers to vibration and the dust resulting from them. 

Termal Facade

Design of a termal facade that takes advantage of the heat of solar radiation absorbed along the facade for the heating of domestic hot water.

Soleris System

The system of solar thermal energy developed in the project SOLERIS (development of a system of efficient solar energy for residential and industrial applications), financed by FEDER-INNTERCONECTA, aims to provide the required thermal energy for heating and hot water of a residential building, as well as covering a high percentage of the needs of heat from industry. As an industrial example it has been used in the food sector.