The quality of the installations is our hallmark.

Integrated Management System

Grupo Hedomin, through its Manual of the Worker, facilitates its employees to develop its activity in a safe and healthy work environment.  Hence, Grupo Hedomin promotes a culture of work based on the prevention of accidents and any damage.

Employees of the Grupo Hedomin, know and accepted standards of Risk Management at Work, performing their duties with the greatest respect to them and using patterns of good and safe behaviour in all those processes . In addition, all companies of the Group comply with the current legislation on Health and Safety.

Grupo Hedomin has a strong commitment to continuous improvement.  Staff training, together with the capacity of service, are two of the most important pillars of our companies.  In our training program and through agreements with different academic institutions, we invest in training of people, trying to get its maximum self-realization in the workplace. To deliver our services with high level of capacity and quality, we spare no expense in technical means or in computer and communication systems that allow us to act quickly and effectively should it be needed.

 From Grupo Hedomin we collaborate and make an effort on sharing and protecting the environment. We have the mission and obligation to ensure a clean, healthy, and prosperous environment for our descendants. The electrical energy consumed in the offices of the company, is generated by photovoltaic panels, contributing to the NO emission of CO2.

The Group’s Management Board also assumes as their duty and responsibility, to promote and maintain the quality and the environmental policies, filtering them through their business organizational structure so that all its members share the same commitment.

The respect for the environment is part of the essence of Grupo Hedomin.

The Group has ISO certifications ISO 9001:2008 on Quality, 14001:2004 environment and carbon footprint, as well as complies with the European regulation EMAS  on environmental specifications.